About the program

We team up with South African moms who are using their passion to change the world.

This partnership opens up new opportunities for them and us to make a difference in our communities and beyond.

Everything we do starts with authentic relationships. When you're an ambassador, you're not just a partner, you're an extension of our brand and an inspiration to other moms.

Through our program, ambassadors connect us to communities around the country and provide us with insightful feedback so we can innovate and grow.

Meet our ambassadors

Boikanyo Sekgabi


Boikanyo is a mom of two precious girls navigating what it means to be a mom along with all the other facets of being a woman.

"My youngling just turned two years old, and she is such a ball of energy. So you can imagine that when she sleeps, she needs all the comfort she can get to have a good night's rest, and Eco Boom nappies offer exactly that for my little one and me."

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Cath McCleland


Cath is an interior designer by trade - and by passion - and now also a mama to the two most gorgeous boys. 

She loves anything neutral, natural, and even more so if it's locally made. Cath started sharing her motherhood moments on Instagram after her firstborn turned out to be a "lockdown baby", and she's loved being part of this community so much that she kept going ever since. We are thrilled to have her as a part of the family.

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Robyn Sequira


Robyn is a mompreneur, wife, and business owner as well as a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content creator.

She's a mama to a precious 2-year-old baby boy, Alessandro. Robyn is currently pregnant and looks forward to meeting her second little one in just a few months.

Robyn finds it really important to use baby products that are not only soft and gentle on her little one's skin but also eco-friendly, and ultimately seek to create a better life for future generations.ultimately seeks to create a better life for future generations.

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Danielle Luwes


Danielle is a mama, wife, wellness advocate, businesswoman, essential oil educator, and natural and low-tox living enthusiast.

"I want to make natural and low-tox living easy and "first" nature for you. I believe that we have a direct impact on the future of our children and generations to come and for that reason, preserving their way of living is a cause dear to my heart. I'm passionate about low-tox living and educating moms to make more informed choices and decisions that have our family's best interest at heart."

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Nerischa Hurling


Nerischa is a mom of three, a wife, and a full-time paediatric nurse.

"I love spending time with my family, creating and capturing beautiful memories. I’m confident, authentic, and full of life. I believe in loving yourself, supporting other women, and encouraging them to be their best selves. The content I create focuses on parenting, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and travel.”

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Anze van Staden


Anze is a stay-at-home mama to Aron and Milan and the founder of Mooiste Boutique (her big baby of 7 years!).

"I have a passion for fashion and everything pretty. But most of all, I want what is best for my babies. That's why I fell in love with Eco Boom. These products are simply the best in the market and eco-friendly, which makes my mama's heart so happy. My husband and I would love to teach our boys about sustainability, and choosing Eco Boom is just the start!"

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